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  1. Drivetrain Tech
    Apples? ➕ ?Oranges HELP clarify - G8 Vs. Camaro rear diffs❓ Hiya Doing, I just wanted to ask anyone who has 5 minutes to CLARIFY and EXPLAIN...swapping the CAMARO differentials into the G8's ? Please explain the: Why's What's Where's ...and all that, Please ? THANKS IN ADVANCE FOR ALL YOUR...
  2. Drivetrain Tech
    Ever since I've purchased this car there has always been a slight rumble/roar coming form the rear. This car has always either has the Nitto 555 tires on it or the winter shoes, so I had always figured the noise was because of the lack of sidewall or amount of grip, depending on the season...
  3. Suspension / Brakes
    Alright, so I know a lot of you guys on here used to have a grand prix before upgrading and my brother in law is working on his rear calipers and is having a hell of a time getting the E-brake apparatus off. Does anyone know on here how to get the E-brake cable off the caliper so he can change...
  4. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    I was moving my trash can into my garage before pulling in last night and noticed a very shallow puddle under where my motor would be. I stuck my finger in the puddle and took a sniff... it's definitely oil. ABout a 2' x 2' puddle less than 1/16" thick. Enough to be alarming, but nothing...
  5. Wanted to Buy / Trade
    I want to buy a black leather door panel for my rear right door. /Per
  6. G8 GT Talk (V8)
    I'm going out of my mind with a rattle/knock at the rear passenger size of my GT. It sounds like a seat that's not quite tight enough, but I've verified that's not what it is. It seems to be somewhere behind the seat and doesn't change when a passenger is sitting in the seat. Unfortunately...
1-6 of 9 Results