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  1. Appearance / Detailing
    I've got the red and black cloth interior, and the previous owner must have been a smoker because there are several burn holes in the drivers seat. It has the red and black cloth interior. Does anyone know the part number for just the red fabric? Or where I can buy it by the yard? I know my...
  2. Appearance / Detailing
    When I got my G8 I instantly changed the interior courtesy lights to blood red LEDs. Well after time it seems the plastic housing "cover" (the piece where the light shines through) has started to bubble on the inside. It really looks like you just opened it up and shoved a big bugger in there...
  3. Appearance / Detailing
    This is a little project I did back in April. I wanted to add a little color to the interior of my LR G8. I tore apart the center console and wired all my LEDs to the rear accessory plug wire. The pics make it seem overwhelming but I must say that the red color is easy on the eyes. :) I bought...
1-3 of 7 Results