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  1. North East
    Spotted a liquid red G8 with black stripes in Irondequoit today, thumbs exchanged. I believe I've seen this car a few times, or at least possibly on one of the boards. In any case, good to see another local G8, and I like the stripes! I asked my wife what she thought and she liked them too...
  2. North East
    2008 IOM G8 with custom license plate in downtown Rochester today around 12:30pm. I pulled up next to you to try and get your attention but you were turning into the Buckingham Commons. Been a long time since I've seen another IOM other than Mike's @ New Era.
  3. North East
    Friday Test & Tune is a go this Friday. I've got another G8 lined up to go...looking for some more takers! Track will be shutting down soon so get your run in! Chime in if you're interested in coming. Gates open at 5:30...show up anytime after that and race until 10PM (or 11 if lots of cars...
  4. Multimedia
    And we're looking for more of you! Here's a couple shots from yesterday. And a shot most other cars are familiar with:
1-4 of 4 Results