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  1. Ever wonder why your G8 is so quiet?...

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    I'm sure you're aware that the glass on the G8 is made by Saint Gobain Sekurit (SGS). Well today I noticed the writing on the windshield on the lower passenger side corner and noticed this symbol: Apparently it means the windshield is SGS's "acoustic" glass that's designed to reduce noise...
  2. Replaced windshield now engine noise is more noticable in the cabin

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    Had to replace my windshield due to a crack. Had a local glass place replace the windshield with aftermarket one and now while driving i hear much more engine noise and alternator whine even Tranny downshifting in the cabin. The car was much quieter before this was done. Every time i step on...
  3. Safelite Comparison

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    Does anyone here have any experience with Safelite replacing their windshield with their glass? I would like to see if it is any better/worse and if its worth/not worth compared to OEM. Thanks.