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  1. Appearance / Detailing
    Has anyone bought this spoiler for their G8? It is made out of ABS plastic. It looks good in the pictures but who knows if it’s junk or not.
  2. Wanted to Buy / Trade
    I know this is a long shot but is anyone selling mav man parts? I want the carbon spoiler and kidney grill covers. Everything on their website is currently out of stock. I figured I’d at least try here.
  3. Appearance / Detailing
    I know this is a long shot but is anyone selling mav man parts? I want the carbon spoiler and kidney grill covers. Everything on their website is currently out of stock. I figured I’d at least try here.
  4. Appearance / Detailing
    I need the driver side hood vent and rear spoiler please help where can I get these for a decent price?!?
  5. Appearance / Detailing
    Hoping for some guidance here does anyone know if the rear spoiler from a 05-07 GTO will fit an 08 G8?
  6. Parts for Sale
    SOLD!!! Guys, I have been digging around and found a few items for sale. All prices are OBO and DO NOT include shipping. This stuff is all in awesome shape and is in new or like-new condition. Finding this gear makes me sad I sold my G8 but hopefully you guys can put this gear to good use...
  7. G8 Talk (V6)
    I'm looking for a rear deck lid off a V6 car without the rear spoiler. My GXP spoiler was ripped off in the car wash and I want to upgrade to one of the elevated Holden like spoilers and don't want to have to fill the holes in my deck lid if possible. If some one has one in Sport Red Metallic...
  8. Appearance / Detailing
    Just want to see what everyone's favourite spoiler is on our G8's? Im thinking of getting a Maverick Man Carbon OR Senator Style. What do you think looks best on G8's? SV6 wing, SS/SSV wing, HSV wing's, Lip spoilers? :popcorn2:
  9. Appearance / Detailing
    Well, I couldn't leave well-enough alone. Been wanting to try this for a long time. Did it with Plasti-Coat just in case I didn't like it, I could peel it right off. I was shocked how awesome this looks. Just enough. Shame I have to put my NJ license plate back on. Before putting my...
  10. Appearance / Detailing
    Has anyone purchased one of these spoilers? The pictures look great. But, I am skeptical... Painted SV6 style spoiler $179 shipped...
  11. Appearance / Detailing
    Does anyone know if VISA/MC/AMEX charges a service fee on orders from JHP (Australia)? Or, does the order get processed in the US? I once ordered a desk from a company that was doing business in Canada and ended up with a fee from the bank for the exchange rate percentage. I just wondered if...
  12. Appearance / Detailing
    I am going to order either the SSV or the SV6 spoiler once my interior and engine mods are finished in early 2011. I know of several other members that are interested in Holden spoilers as well. I am wondering if a group purchase would be a consideration if it would reduce the shipping cost...
  13. Appearance / Detailing
    On Friday I had the Firehawk-style hood and spoiler vinyls put on my car to better accent my wheels. Sorry for the crappy lighting but this was the only time I could take pictures. What do you guys think? Next I will be looking to black out the window trim and tinting the...
  14. Appearance / Detailing
    Considering painting it matte black on my white hot, i think it might look good with my black roof and black wheels. I'd love to see pics if anyone has done it, or a PhotoShop would be much appreciated!
  15. Appearance / Detailing
    Meaning: 1. Left the existing spoiler on? 2. New Spoiler covered/used the holes? I know a few have used plugs or some such thing, not interested in that. Anyone do a non SV6, SSV, HSV spoiler? Thinking about some spoiler options, wondering if there's some different setups.
  16. Appearance / Detailing
    This is the poll to keep track of how many of you will be ordering. Please be serious about your interest and ability to pay the deposit. Please see the following thread and post # 211 for instructions. http://www.g8board.com/forums/showthread.php?p=425073#post425073 Thanks everyone!
1-16 of 16 Results