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  1. Rocky Mountain
    Since we don't have a good/non-zombie thread for this thought I would get one going... Spotted in Castle Rock at the King Soopers a SBM G8 sporting a roof and 19s. Nice guy, got out on a snowy day to look and ask a few questions...believe his screen name is Speed Racer.... Speed if you're...
  2. Canada
    At bob Myers Chev in Ajax, around 5:20, MGM, VG Fin, De-Badge..
  3. South East
    Last I parked out in front of city market in front of a silver gxp, pretty sweet ride. Hoping to see if the owner is on the forum
  4. North East
    Spotted a liquid red G8 with black stripes in Irondequoit today, thumbs exchanged. I believe I've seen this car a few times, or at least possibly on one of the boards. In any case, good to see another local G8, and I like the stripes! I asked my wife what she thought and she liked them too...
  5. North East
    2008 IOM G8 with custom license plate in downtown Rochester today around 12:30pm. I pulled up next to you to try and get your attention but you were turning into the Buckingham Commons. Been a long time since I've seen another IOM other than Mike's @ New Era.
1-5 of 6 Results