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  1. Wheels / Tires
    Had to put a 5mm spacer to fit over the Brembos so had to install new wheel studs and looks like I will have to roll the rear fenders soon. Car is dirty but I had to clean the wheels for a quick shoot. I still think I have to do something with the rear brakes. The wheels are 2 Crave #14 20/8.5...
  2. Wheels / Tires
    Sorry in advance for the sub-par pictures. Our digital camera has seen its last days. The pictures do these no justice at all. Yes, the dent will be fixed soon - someone bumped me, they are paying. LOL. Wheels: MRR GT5's Front - 19x8.5 +38 offset, 28.5# ea Rear - 19x9.5 +45 offset, 27.5# ea...
  3. Wheels / Tires
    According to PYSpeed, we can order the V710 - 19X9.5 with a +50mm offset, but I can't find anything on VMR's website stating this offset is available. Anyone order the V710's with the +50mm offset on the rear?
  4. Wheels / Tires
    Here is a sneak peak of what I decided on. Sorry but they will probably not get installed until end March/early April when a) the winter breaks in NJ and b) when my vibration problem is completely solved. Wheels are staggered: MRR Design GT5's, 19x8.5 front +38 offset, 19x9.5 rear +45 offset...
1-4 of 9 Results