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  1. Appearance / Detailing
    Tinting the tails on my white hot im debating whether or not i should tint my tail lights, i think it might be kinda cool with my black wheels and black roof. if i black them out though, i want to keep the clear part of the tail lights (the turn signals) untinted. Anyone have a white hot with...
  2. Central
    I'm looking for a set of the red V6 tail lights. I want to trade you MY GT tails for YOUR V6 tails, and I will give you my DDM 35w, 6000k, H11 HID's for the head lights, that i've had installed in my car for a week now. For FREE lol. Theres nothing wrong with them, they are direct plug and play...
  3. Central
    LOL, ever since I started wanting some of the V6 tail lights I just keep seeing them everywhere, I really want to trade my GT tails for someones V6 tail lights. Let me know if your interested, we can meet up and make an even trade!!
1-3 of 3 Results