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  1. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    So, I've come to the realization that with $10k, I would be able to throw on pretty much full bolt-ons. But, for only a "little" extra, I thought I would just throw out the original L76 with 102k miles and replace it with a 427ci LSx Iron Block with forged internals. But it won't end there...
  2. The Chevrolet SS
    From chevySStrack driving his stock 2014 Chevrolet SS around Watkins Glen http://youtu.be/XSSkEd7Uui4 http://youtu.be/KTqMGU18khM Enjoy.
  3. Great Lakes
    I went to the last Putnam track weekend in April and it was a BLAST! Several of you had mentioned you might want to go to the June event if you had enough notice. HERE IS YOUR NOTICE! :) Here are a few links to the registration/info pages: 1. Track weekend info 2. Putnam Schedule 3. Register...
  4. Great Lakes
    New Car Club in Southeast Michigan: Detroit Muscle Association As of November 2010, me and some friends have started our own car club in the Metro Detroit area in preparation for the 2011 racing season. The Official club name is: Detroit Muscle Association Our site went live last week and...
  5. Drag Racing
    ok, im taking my bone stock 09 g8 gt over to the drag strip for the first time and wanted to know the best settings and methods for the lowest possible quarter mile time. TC on or off? D or Sport Shift? Hold out 3rd gear? is that with the manumatic shift? Tire Pressure? Brake Torque? What RPM...
  6. North East
    Friday Test & Tune is a go this Friday. I've got another G8 lined up to go...looking for some more takers! Track will be shutting down soon so get your run in! Chime in if you're interested in coming. Gates open at 5:30...show up anytime after that and race until 10PM (or 11 if lots of cars...
1-6 of 10 Results