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  1. Cars for Sale
    Didnt get very many hits on the entire package... so time for a partout!! Everything for sale... if a price isn't listed, make offer! 2009 G8 GT White Hot Clean Carfax ~50k miles Caged roller with $1,500 obo comes with cage, seat mounts, steering, stock rear seats, OEM 18" wheels, etc. New...
  2. V6 Engine Tech (LY7)
    Are there any super chargers, turbo, or procharger kits for V6 G8s? I was looking around online I saw some for the v8s but none for the v6
  3. Exhaust Tech
    Hello, I am still pretty new and own a 08 G8 v6. Like the rest or most of the people who own the v6 version are looking for modifications to enhance their G8 v6. I work at a autopart store I rather manage it so, I am proposing a reasearch and possible production of headers and possible turbo...
  4. Intake/Fuel Tech
    So when I got my car I was in love hell I still am. I loved catching people of guard who slept on the hidden goodies, but last year my engine blew because of my boost controller dying and my motor not liking 20+lbs of boost. Over the last year I had been slowly and carefully rebuilding the car...
  5. V8 Engine Tech (L76/LS3)
    I finally got done refreshing the converter last week and was ready to go to the track, when I was on the way to check out a shop to look at his twin turbo GTO. As I was heading past a rock quarry some road debris took out my boost controller and the wire got wrapped on the driveshaft luckily...
  6. Kill Section
    Was on my way out of town tonight when a TT comes flyin up behind me at a stop light. Engine revving and turbo singing. We take the turn onto the 4 lane highway and hit it. I had about a half a car on him before we had to shut it down through town. Once we got out the other side to the 65MPH...
1-6 of 7 Results