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  1. Great Lakes
    I recently turned in my lease and started using my G8 on a regular basis. I guess it developed a leak in the seal of the windshield (somewhere in the top driver site corner) from mostly staying undriven most of the year for 3+ years. It is letting a decent amount of water in so I need to reseat...
  2. Appearance / Detailing
    Does anyone have or can someone take photos of their plastic cowl that is below the windshield. I had my windshield recently replaced at Safelite and now there's a gap like previously mentioned on some threads. I want to compare because the tech is telling me it's normal to have a small gap.
  3. Appearance / Detailing
    So I took in my g8 today to get the windshield replaced after a failed chip repair. Everything seemed perfect until I started driving down the road. All of a sudden I noticed that the wipers seemed to be much more... inlet than normal, and I could see the edge of the hood that is usually blocked...
1-3 of 7 Results