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This was honestly the last thing on my mind, besides the $400-500 Pedders bushing kit they sell that most say is a great upgrade, but i realized that the rear drivers "shock", is probably bad on the car.

I thought i noticed it driving it the other day, first time driving the car myself, and then today had two people in the back and you could feel the car 'wobble" every time we went over a pavement separation bump that spanned the whole lane.

I know exactly what it feels like because my 98 Grand am had just gotten new KYBs up front years ago and just a few months later, the front right was shot... you'd almost lose control hitting the same type of bump at highway speeds.

I'd assume that without just patching up the back bad shock or new rear shocks...

1. Pedders bushing kit $500~
2. Shocks/Struts front and rear
3. lowering springs?
4. sway bar front only or both?

The car is mainly the girls daily driver now and will be used for carrying our baby around, so not looking for something really aggressive, bouncy etc. I have plenty of other cars that ride stiff as hell already.

I'm not turned off to lowering it, but don't need to lower it 2inches and then have scaping issues underneath or a hard ride etc. maybe their coil-over kit?

I have a good amount of suspension mechanical skills. Ive swapped struts, springs, shocks, sway bars etc. in the past on several cars and trucks. Could i do all of this work myself, especially bushing related or does a shop need to press all that stuff in for me? I could take it all off, run it to a shop to do and then bring it back, or should i only take it to a performance shop to press in?

Wasn't really looking to dump a ton of money into the suspension, and overall the car rides awesomely smooth compared to anything else we own, but is very soft. I've seen people say the bushings are probably gone by now, the sway bars suck and i know i have a bad shock in back.

Does the Pedders coilover street II or xa kit setup include everything a-z?
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