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I am adding a decent amount of new engine components in about a month:
- FAST Lsrx 102mm Intake manifold
- Kooks LT headers
- Mild cam GT1-1 or CompCams 1.5 I believe
- Springs pushrods all cam package add ons
- SLP underdrive pulley
- timing chain

- 102mm Throttle body

So my question is to any of you guys with the FAST LSRX 102mm Intake manifold what 102 TB did you pair it with?
Ive been looking into the Nick Williams 102mm Throttle Body (Drive by Wire) NW102TBDBW
Suggestions, comments, etc. needed!

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i dont think the 102 is worth spending 500 bucks on... a ported stock 90 and a vmax ring for the fast is more than enough... a 90mm TB is still good for 1100 CFM per wilsons website. I think you'd be better off spending that 500 on a VCM intake to replace the vararam.
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