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This exhaust, CAI, & PCM package will put our cars in the 12's?! Oh man! I'd be happy with really low 13's, holy crap, I can't wait!

This is from www.ls1edit.com.au & Street Tuna

Awesome! This car is taking way too long to come out.

* Here's the link, with all the complete information.

$2800 AUS = $2,311 US

http://www.ls1.com.au/forum/showthread.php?t=75838 :boink:


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Seems great but.. the 2.5inch exhaust system would be constrictive if your planning on maxxing out the engine in NA form (~520WHP), it would be better if they had an option for a 3inch pipe, that and how do they ship a tune? do you ship them the PCM and wait for them to flash it then mail it back?

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That forum is blocked here at work - can anyone copy and paste the content?

I agree with immortal. I've done some more digging into modding Lxx and LSx engines, and from the powertrain side, the heads/cam/intake manifold are fairly robust. It seems that modifying these parts are only minorly effective unless you can remove the true restriction in the system - the intake piping and the exhaust. These parts are, unfortunatly, not dictated by Powertrain, as much as they are dictated by Platform.

For instance, the Z06 has an astounding low exhaust backpressure restriction of 18kPa with the butterfly valves in the exhaust open. The Buick Enclave has a backpressure restriction of 75kPa. It is set so high so that the exhaust is much quieter. And this high pressure severely limits how much power the engine can produce. I wish I knew what the stock backpressure was on the Commodore/G8, but I don't. I'll have to do some more digging.

But the reason that the backpressure is so important, is that unless you have a low backpressure, changing the characteristics of the head, or intake manifold, of cam will not net you very much, because it comes down to how much fresh air the engine can suck in during the intake stroke. With high backpressures, when the valves overlap at the end of the exhaust stroke, the pressure from the exhaust, instead of sucking the exhaust gasses out, can push the burnt exhaust gas back up the intake port, because the intake port is, at the moment, the lowest pressure in the system. Lowering the exhaust backpressure allows more of the charge to be expended, which allows more fresh air to flow into the cylinder.

And it's a similar story on the intake - the free-er the air is to flow from the atmosphere to the combustion chamber, the better.

Alexander Haig
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12 Second VE Package only $2800

You read it right! Being one of the only suppliers that has not only developed a host of parts on the current generation VE Commodores, but also taken them to the track and backed up our claims with actual timeslips, we are proud to release our new 12 second package for sale

Guaranteed to give power levels capable of trapping 110mph from a standing start in less than 13 seconds (think about it!) this series of parts has undergone over four months of development to make our 12 second package the ultimate VE Bang for Buck!

So lets see what you get...

Our twin 2.5 inch mandrel bent exhaust system is computer designed and manufactured using the latest 'one piece' technology in line with the build processes that come with your VE from the factory. Muffler selection for both note and outright performance has been the subject of much testing, as has been balance pipe placement...and we have the results spot on
Superbly manufactured in computerised CNC benders rather than tacked together on the car - with the resulting risk of spiking your computer - this exhaust is a work of art

Add to that our top line Cold Air Induction system. Its the only CAI available for the VE with real world dyno and racetrack results. Note how its made from wide radius 4 inch mandrel bent aluminium to make that all important radius off the throttle body as wide as possible. Its the attention to detail with this kind of stuff that matters

Topping of our VE 12 second package is our proprietary PCM tune. Now its one thing to get a single dyno number out of a VE....but when you log these cars on the track and the road there is a whole heap of smarts in there that many fail to understand...which is why some of you guys get variable peformance. Not from our tune...it remains 100% rock solid across the life of the vehicle. VE have a fleet of 3 VEs now constantly testing, so we have the answers

All thats left is to take it to the track.......providing you have the grip to get a sub 2.0 second 60 foot time, then let the 12s be your oyster!

Now heres the good bit -
Anyone that comes to our workshop in SA can have this whole package fitted and custom dyno tuned for the quoted $2800 with no additional labour cost. For the interstate guys add $50 for freight and our VE 12 second system is on your door within 5 days of order!

Call Mark Phillips at our office on (08) 8341 0400 for more details


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