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Shelby = Need to go fast
GXP = Need to go fast with the family
Kobra = Need to annoy the neighbors

I never though deciding which car to drive would be so hard ; )

I've had the 96 Kobra (Kenne bell blower on it) since 96, was a daily driver for a couple years and then autox/track car. Getting to the point where half the time it's running well, the other half it's in need of a fix. I still love the looks of this car, one of the best looking hoods on a production car ever.

3.5 years with the GXP, replaced an aging e39 M5. Fun car, especially with the new wider/staggered wheels.

Shelby - Almost one year with the Shelby. Car gets more thumbs up than anything else I've owned. Has an assortment of performance and handling mods, car is a handful when WOT.


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As a fellow SN95 guy, I have to agree about that hood... and that blue Shelby is a MFer.

nice rides man
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