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I'm sick and tired of looking at these things. Any reasonable offer for purchase or trade will be strongly considered. Look at my signature. I'm completely satisfied with all my current mods, so I don't need any of those. What I would really love is a good tune. I'm not the happiest with my current TCM tune, so if you could program a PCM or something (I'm sure someone has a way to do it) that would be great. If not, shoot me some offers. I think I have to post a sale price, so lets start with $500 shipped anywhere in lower 48.
I spray painted them black before I knew of plasti dip. I then stripped them down to bare metal (about 85% done. Did by hand, not media blasted, so not perfect by any means). The faces are in great shape, and ready to paint or polish. Back sides need some TLC. I got sick of messing with them.



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