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2008 GT Panther Black with 21k miles asking $23,966 (2 hours away dealership) stock

2008 GT Magnetic Gray with 49k miles asking $23,498 (2 hours away dealership) stock

2008 GT Panther Black with 51k miles asking $19,998 (20minutes away used car dealership/auto body shop) has intake and exhaust which i wanted to do, but has massive subwoofer and amp in trunk that i could care less about and would take out and sell.

I like Magnetic Gray metallic the best color wise but Panther black is acceptable too. Wanted >50k miles but its close on those 2. What is the difference between 08 and 09 because the last 3 i saw in person were 09's. I kinda like dealing with dealership too because i was just in a contract with a private seller for what i thought was a perfect 09 GT but last minute he tried to screw me over and lost it and lost my business. Any input on prices would be appreciated.
I could email links to each car to someone if they wanted to take a closer look. Im located on Long Island in NY if they is of any importance.
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