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2009 G8 GT Silver For Sale

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$7500. Original owner. Non-smoker. 133,000 miles, clean title. Does not run due to a broken lifter stuck in the bore. Heads are off, but all components are retained. BTR DOD delete w/ARP head bolts, GMPP lifters, LS3 MLS head gaskets. BTR Stage 2 cam. GM HD timing chain. New pushrods. CMS tune. Melling oil pump. New A/C compressor. Brembo rear brakes. Holden Nav (not installed). Greater San Diego area.


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Asking price?
Are the components you listed (BTR kit, etc) new and you stopped mid project because of the stuck lifter, or were they previously installed and the failure happened later?

They can put bushings in lifter bores to repair them at most machine shops, fyi.
They were installed prior to the lifter sticking. I was told that wasn't possible with the L76 small block. Any reputable sources you can point me to?
Most machine shops should be able to it it, there's nothing special about an L76 that makes it more difficult than any other LS block to do it.

PM sent.
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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