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Its been a fun ride but its time to move on. I realize the price is more than most G8's you will see for sale but being G8 lovers you should see the amount of time/money that went into this build.

2009 Pontiac G8, 15k original miles, 1 owner. The car was converted to the Australian version, Hsv Gts. I did this by having the parts shipped over by boat. Only selling because the car doesn't get driven and I'm limited on garage space.

I bought this car new and drove it 8k the first year and since have driven it well under 1k miles a year. I have over 25k in extras in this car through this Hsv Gts conversion. The car only gets taken to car shows. I did make two runs at the strip and couldn't get traction on either pass. It made passes of [email protected] with a 60 foot well over 2.0. The car should easily get well into the 11's with traction.

I will try and get better pictures in the next couple of weeks, unfortunately all my photos are trapped on photobucket.

Performance mods:

Comp Cam 232/236 113lsa
PSI Valve springs
Comp Cams Hardened pushrods
All necessary hardware to convert to a non DOD
GM MLS head gaskets
ARP head bolts
CNC ported cylinder heads
Four angle intake valve job
Five angle exhaust valve job
Full hand blending of the valve jobs
Heads decked to raise compression ratio to 10.8:1
LS3 Hollow stem valves
Stainless Works 1 7/8 Longtubes
SW offroad x-pipe
SW 3" duals with turbo mufflers
Vararam intake
Vector ported intake
Heat soak reduction kit
Yank 3200 stall converter
Tranny cooler
Tuned by Vector - 447rwhp/411rwtq

Appearance mods:

Hsv Gts front bumper
Walkinshaw foglight covers
Custom Holden hood
Hsv Gts fenders
Hsv Gts 20" wheels
Hsv Gts rear spoiler
Hsv Gts badging
Virtual Garage sharkfin
20% tint, 50% windshield tint
Tinted tails with upper body matched
Stealth turn signal bulbs
Gxp rear diffuser
Stainless Works exhaust tips
Painted calipers
Holden FRC custom painted
Radiator cover
Black wrapped roof, mirrors, side moldings

The only negatives on the car; I need to install a new headliner. Current one has a hole from where a tv was located. I have a new one sitting in my basement. Shows tpms light since I couldn't get anyone to install sensors without snapping them off. Yes I lost 3 sensors before telling them to stop trying. It is showing an airbag light which is from a recall. Dealership wanted to reflash the computer and I told them to leave the light alone.

Asking $28,900

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Can't fathom the complexity around attaching a tire pressure sensor to the valve stem. Left-loosey. Righty-tighty. Am almost certain it's a torx bit. Had to install a few myself since a tophat at a tire shop was trying to separate them with a mallet and metal rod. At any rate, best of fortune with the sale.

Hsv Gts Pimp
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