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Don't like the price make me an offer. Detroit area.

Like the other threads, time to go.

Downsizing a lot and this includes vehicles in the near future.

Very nice low mile set of 16/7 wheels. Take offs [we have 2].

Spare has never touched the road. Jack kit is new - I will SWAP IN a G8 jack plastic tub to use in the G8 specifically.

Wheels will be off in a week [they are on the G8 in storage since end of 16 when i took the 14/5 wheels off that are listed in another thread].

Wheels and tires have well under 5000 miles [closer to 2500 if that, G8 had about 500 miles on it last year, maybe a few hundred if that the year prior, and none this year other than rolling around storage]

Wheels have NO rash, tires are 90+ front and rear obviously.

TPMS in them of course and I will put chevy caps back in them. Lug set [20] included.

$2650 with the jack kit and new spare. Whole set.

Had these sold, buyer disappeared and left me with a $100 deposit if he ever shows up again.

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