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5.3 v8 swap, need some help with cranking system

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I am to the point with my swap where i need to figure out the wiring to crank the new motor with the key switch. i'm just having a hard time finding the signal wire coming from the key switch. i have the yellow wire for the starter relay under the hood, just need the under dash wiring. Anyone familiar?
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Im sorry, I am replacing a v6 with a v8. So the v6 ecm is removed, replaced with a truck v8 ecm. I have a stand alone wiring harness. Just need the key switch signal to crank it.
Correct, im trying to see how others handle this circuit. Im sure someone has done it. The truck v8 ecm doesn't work this way.
It is a 2002 Chevy Silverado ECM I have not connected HP tuners to it yet so that's all I know.
I will get the number for you but not sure where your going. The ecm here is not envolved with cranking the engine
Any ideas on speedo and tach gauges other than after market?
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