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5.3 v8 swap, need some help with cranking system

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I am to the point with my swap where i need to figure out the wiring to crank the new motor with the key switch. i'm just having a hard time finding the signal wire coming from the key switch. i have the yellow wire for the starter relay under the hood, just need the under dash wiring. Anyone familiar?
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What trans are you using with swap first ? As the Silv uses a straight 12v through ign sw start position while the G8 ign sw passes a voltage through a 300 ohm for request signal not a straight voltage to relay, so you may need to wire that yellow wire to a 12v push button switch through the park/neutral switch to start
At this point you can wire it as i posted with a push start sw to 12v to park/neutral sw to yellow relay wire or they sell modules that will engage by a very low volt input from G8 ign sw to low volt module to park sw then yellow wire
1 - 4 of 18 Posts