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So this has happened a few times, now more common than before. It first happened after running the car hard at the drag strip (10 passes) so I assumed the transmission just got hot. Happened again on the road after spirited driving. Sometimes it will just keep me in 3rd gear with no choice. This most recent time was two days ago in stop and go traffic but was on a cool, cloudy day. The car threw a CEL and then proceeded to go into a weak mode and lurching consistently while trying to drive at about 2-3k RPMs. It has thrown these 3 codes before and after letting the car sit for a second it would be fine then I'd clear the codes. I tried replacing the input speed sensor referring to the P0716 code but could not as the bolts holding the TCM (which was blocking the sensor) were so shallow to remove.

I have a feeling my cutouts are heating up the trans but it isn't consistent enough to confidently conclude that.

I have a YANK 2800 stall converter, Camaro trans pan, and a ATF cooler.

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