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So Sunday I was coming back from a buddy’s house down south just cruising about 70mph. When I see a white Ford SHO getting on the highway going my way. I thought to myself no way I never get lucky. Well I went on by as he got caught by slower traffic getting on the highway. So I’m just rollin jamming out to some tunes when I look up to see the same white SHO doing the fast and the furious trying to catch me. So I slowed down to oblige him. So we pace each other at around 50, I give him the hit and I make chase. Well like I said I gave him the hit so he had me by about a bumper up to about 65/70ish at which point I started pulling hard and by 100 I had him by almost 3 cars. So I slowed down to give him a thumbs up and he hurried to take the exit that we were passing. Oh well it was fun. I only have a cortex running the 91 tune and I tweaked the trans tune a little to make it hit a little harder. Traction on launch is more of a handful but if you can stick it, it will move. Stay tuned their is plenty more to come.
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