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This week we released for presale our new Paint Correcting Polish, Paint Finishing Polish, and Microfiber pad system. The videos below are part of a larger series that will be released later this month with even more new products and tools.

Some basic FAQ questions that have come up so far:

Does this replace the old SSR, SHR, and FMP system?
Yes. The new 2 step system is more effective and faster.

Are you discontinuing foam pads?
No. Adam's foam pads will still be sold. The only pad being discontinued is the green pad since Severe Swirl Remover is no longer needed/offered.

Will the new polishes work with my current foam pads?
Yes. The foam pads are not changing. The same orange and white foam pads you currently use can be used with the new system.

Which is better, microfiber or foam?
There is no one size fits all answer. Different conditions call for different pads, we suggest watching the videos below and perhaps trying both systems to see what works better for you. Each system has pros and cons.

Can you use the old polish system with the new microfiber pads?
Yes. While the results may not be consistent or as effective as the new polishes, the current polishes can be used with the new system.

Will there be a 4" version of the microfiber pads?
Yes. Look for the 4" microfiber system to be released near the end of June - beginning of July.

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