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Aerpro V2 w/ Kenwood steering controls

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For those with a Kenwood head unit and the Aerpro kit, can you please clarify on what Aerpro wants me to do in order to get steering wheel control to work on my head unit?
I can't use the 3.5mm jack that it comes with and need to wire up the "Key 1" wire to something and cut two other wires.

My understanding of the diagram is to clip the orange and green wires on the 12 pin patch cable and connect the steering wheel remote wire from the head unit harness top the Key 1 bullet connector.
If I feel a big froggy, I'll go ahead and do that and update here, but until then, if you know better than me, let me know.

Pic attached of the Aerpro instructions.
Thanks in advance.
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And for anybody wondering, before and after. View attachment 190485 View attachment 190486
So also with your kenwood can you or did you get the gauge set up with the radio?
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