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In short.. I've been up in the air lately about which route to go..

I've not yet gone to the track on the stock pcm tune with the bolts on yet to see how it pans out, but recently I've been tied up with some other projects..including my shop race car.

Right now before I buy a license for either HPTuners or EFI live, I was wondering if there's a place or someone who does like "flashing" for our PCMs?? To hold me over..

My wife drives the g8 during the week to keep the miles down, as she only drives a mile or two to work. But I'd let to get rid of the CEL for the cats(not running any) and i'd like to get some AFR's smoothed out and up the shift points a bit, as at the track, in sport mode the car will hang on 3rd gear....

Any shop or anything do that at a reason price until I can get back to finishing this up? I'll be tuning the car, but right now, I just don't have the actual time to do.
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