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Alternator for 2009.5

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My son's G8GT has started having voltage issues. In fact, it set an N0104 code the other day. Now it was down to 11 volts and wouldn't start. So he charged it for about 10 mins, and it started, and now the voltage is bouncing between 15 and then goes 12 (sets the ALT light), then back to 15 again. The battery is less than a year old. I think that the Alternator is going out since it is a 2009.5; which alternator does it take? I know that the 92191127 was for the 08-09, but is it for the 09.5 as well?

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Battery brand? Check the battery and alternator connections and battery ground bolt. Only purchase a new or remanufactured AcDelco unit as aftermarket alternators are notorious for being incompatible with the G8's charging system. GT Alternator Replacement
That's the P/N I bought for my 09.5 several years ago. Pretty much at the same price as it is today from Amazon.
That was the part number that I purchased back on Jan 1, 2015, as well. Got it off Amazon then as well, still around $200. The PPV one isn't much more, but the last one lasted 8+ years. :) ;)
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