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Saturday night it rained hard by me and the road I live on had some a few spots of standing water. I drove thru the first puddle and as soon as I was thru it, my car had a whine. Monday morning I start the car and the whine is still there. Drive to work, whined the whole way there. Leave to come home ( about 20 miles ) whined the whole way home. That night, checking things out, I start the car and 5 minutes later the alternator starts smoking and is very hot to the touch. Then the whining stops and the DIC states alternator problem. Last night I pulled the alternator off and it is burnt with black soot on the front and smells really FRIED. My car only has 42,000 on it. I assume the water damaged it but I would think other V6 owners would have had this happen to them and posted it here. A 2009 is 5 years old now. The puddle was maybe 2" deep and on the passenger side... same as the alternator. Just wondering if others have loss an alternator like this.
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