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!!Gators Dockside presents the first F-Body Nation 2013 Meet&Greet!!

So its time that we all came together and see all of your projects!!! I have been in contact with F - Body Nation down south. They will be coming up for this meet, along with all there f-bodies from thier group F-Body Nation. The meet will be at Gators Dockside in Waterford Lakes on JULY 13th @5pm.This should give everybody plenty of time to take off and make plans. THERE WILL BE DISCOUNTS ON ALL FOOD A DRINKS INCLUDING BEER, along with a lot of other opportunities that GatorsDockside has offered F-Body Nation. ( Catering , Fundraising, Monthly- annually car shows ) we will have the option of catering the food and drinks out to the parking lot if that needs to be a option for less hassle for seating and what not.Like other meets in the past , it will be open to all muscle cars, and non riced imports. We are trying to have a meet and greet where we can all come together and just hang out with friends and car enthusiast and promote The new group F-Body Nation. We are all adults so We at F-body Nation feel that it is only right to act like civilized human beings. NO BURNOUTS ,NO REVING COMPETIONS, AND LEAVE THE TRASH TALK AT HOME!!!

We at F-Body Nation hope to see all of you guys come out and support the local and state F-body crowd. We will be posting this on all different LSX sites. i encourage you guys - and gals to do the same. spread the word and let everyone know that F-Body Nation is here!!

here is Contact information if need be. also i will be providing my phone number when we get closer to the date. this should be a huge turn out if we can get every one to spread the word on this.

Gators Dockside
12448 Lake Underhill Rd Orlando, FL 32828
(407) 249-9444


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