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Another GXP on BaT

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Let's see how this one does...

77K Mile GXP 6 Speed on BaT
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Will be interesting to see what all the modifications will do to the price.
I'm thinking they will lower the value , not add to it.
Especially without the original parts included.
Underside is 24 7 365 rain and snow appearing.
To me, the painted caddy wheels will REALLY hurt it.
All the above , just my opinion.
The 77K miles might keep it from reaching its full potential.
At least the previous owner did what they wanted and enjoyed the crap out of it .
Good for them.
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This car is identical to mine as originally equipped. The wheels are kinda funked but not that bad - they look fairly close to original. A guy with a lift, some free hours, and a bucket of POR-15, could get the undercarriage rust under control. It's not that bad.

Someone looking for a fun driver could end up bringing it home in the $28-32k range, I'm guessing.
Sold for $28,501 ($29,662 with buyer fee)
Price seems about right based on past history on BaT. The condition of the car was very nice for 77K miles, but in my opinion the miles kept it from breaking into the $30K+ range. I wonder if the car could have done better on a different marketplace?
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No one should have any doubts about the collectability/value of the 2009 G8 GXP. The selling price of this 77K mile G8 GXP ($28,501) vs. this 5K mile 2009 Hemi Challenger SRT8 6-speed that sold on BaT for $28,750 tells the story.

Had the GXP had 5K on the OD, it would bring $40K+.

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