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Ok I'm going to add to the seasonal lust for a set of new wheels since I too have been looking more intently at getting my first set of aftermarket wheels. Also I wanted to test out my new avatar :D One of the other current threads has made me interested in the vmr v710's. But here are my choices so far, hopefully I just narrow them down instead of adding to.

VMR 710 19's
Camaro 20's
GXP's stock 19's
or a more traditional 5 spoke matte black like ChristianCoach's SSV replica.

I'd like to do a staggered width setup and would prefer not to have to roll the fenders (at least not yet). That being said, I wonder if the Camaro 20's will fit, I've read that people have to roll the fender, but they are also slightly lower (I would like to go lower too but again, not yet). Also I really want a matte black or dark gunmetal since the car is the mgm so it is my assumption that I would have to powder coat the camaro or gxp wheels ( how much would that be?)

Any advice, tips, opinions, critiques?
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