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Are there any detailed guides on changing spark plugs on a 2009 V6 G8?

It would be like 80-90% cheaper than dealership, buying tools and spark plugs.

Only concern is, after i take old spark plugs out, do i need to do anything other than just pop all 6 spark plugs into engine? (minus putting parts back together as they were before taking old spark plugs out) Do i need to replace oxygen sensors or anything else.

People say it's an easy job, but rather not follow a different model car video on changing spark plugs, in case i screw something up.

Scared about making sure i don't mess up the spark plug threads when screwing back in also.

Anyone know of any detailed guides with pictures or anything, and or tips or tricks etc?

By the way, i plan on getting NGK spark plugs. How long does it usually take a dealership to install all spark plugs? (wondering)

Thanks :D
1 - 1 of 5 Posts
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