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Congratulations to "The Yeti" for winning G8board.com's G8 of the Month!!

Here's what he has to say about his ride:

My G8 has been very good to me. This is my first american car, first rear wheel drive car and the only car that i have ever owned that I truly can't wait to get behind the wheel of every single day.

This is also the first car I have ever done a mod too besides changing the stereo. Since that is not an easily accomplished option on our G8's I decided to take a chance and do a couple mods. I've installed everything myself with the help of some forum members occasionally and I am very proud to have such and uncommon, and unique car. This forum has allowed me to meet great people, learn a lot about cars, how to drag race, auto-x and even take decent photo's.


08 G8 GT Premium/Sports Package W/Sunroof
Roto Fab Intake, Pacesetter Longtube Headers
Custom Solo Performance Catted Exhaust
VMS Ported Intake Manifold, VMS Tune, Billet Prototypes Catch Can,
Black Hoodscoops Black Painted Roof & Smoked Side Markers
H&R springs, GXP struts & shocks
Poly Strut Mount with Bearings
BMR Sway bars, BMR adjustable End Links
BMR Sub Frame Connectors & Tunnel Brace.

1/4 mile [email protected] on Street tires
(before suspension and intake manifold)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
Not open for further replies.