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APS Twin Turbo

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So INTENSE Racing was offering a promotion for an APS TTkit for $100 on the other board Promotion Thread and guess who the lucky winner is :):woohoo::woohoo:.

I Started the build yesterday afternoon, made some headway. So far i removed the front fascia/bumper, radiator support panel, and put in the new windhshield washer assembly and a few other things. I would have done more but some screws/inserts in the bumper beam gave me a hard time, ill deal with that tommorrow. I also tried doing the new ecm learn but i must have screwed it up(10minutes, cycle off and repeat three times;no luck.) If anyone knows the procedure it would be great if you could post it or pm me.

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The time i spent on the project today wasn't to productive, spent most of the day screwing around with getting the welder powered up. All i got done today besides that was the Heater Hose Mod. As well as the new injectors 60lb injectors, that went pretty smooth except that two o-rings got stuck in the fuel rail and of course it was it the back, had to use paper clip and a mirror to pop them out

today was just on off those days, hopefully tommorrow will be better
Keep us informed on this.

Holy cow man, that looks really serious- I wasnt aware you had to take off the entire nose..kudos for doing it on your own..
Today was a good day, got alot of stuff done! Installed the intercooler to the bumper beam, and mounted headlight assembly back on the car. I also put the wiring harness back on the radiator support, and the winshield washer pump extension, dropped the cats. But most importantly assembled most of the turbos pieces(fittings, flex adaptors, wastegates)

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Just think of what awaits!!! Congrats on your new toy!
Looks good! Keep em comin!
Looks like you are making some pretty good headway :) What do you think of the quality of all the pieces?
Just a few words on your install.

I PM'd you the links to the process for the security relearn for the G8 but you do NOT want to start the car with the new ECM unless the injectors are installed.

You SHOULD follow the instructions step by step in order and not jump around during the install.
Looks like you are making some pretty good headway :) What do you think of the quality of all the pieces?
The quality is good so far, everything lines up where it should and the directions are very thorough. The only thing i think should be included is Loctite 569 thread sealer it was a bitch to find, but other than that its been smooth instalation
Almost done! Installed both turbos and installed the water/coolant lines from the turbos to the engine block. I had a few road blocks today. The first one was where the turbos and magnaflow catback flanges met. The turbo flange was straight and the catback flange was ****ed at a 30degree angle. So i had to sawzall the flanges off the catback exhaust, find the stock exhaust which had a rotatable flange. Then go to an exhasut shop and have him fab a small piece of pipe, needless to say PITA. The next one was the damn ECM learn, i must be an idiot because i tried three times and cant figure it out!

Ball & Socket Flange/rotatable flange ^^^^
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Finished up the install a few hours ago, to bad its all rainy and shitty out so i can't have to much fun. If i had to guess i would say that it took me close to 30 hours to do the install, plus running around and all that other bs that goes with any project

Thanks to INTENSE-Racing

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Sick just sick
coming out good!! yours a 08 or 09? can you use any aftermarket catback exhaust with this set up?
coming out good!! yours a 08 or 09? can you use any aftermarket catback exhaust with this set up?
its an 08

yes you just have to be able to weld, i have the magnaflow cat back it just needed to be tweaked a little to work
Nice job Kevin. You will have to give us your opinion of the kit's performance when you get a chance to take it out.
Looks like you've done a nice job on the installation Kevin. :)

Be sure to change the oil and filter, top off the coolant, and check carefully for leaks before test driving.

Then be sure to let us know how you feel about the kit. :driving:
Drove around for a while today, and can notice a big difference. Breath on the gas and you getting sideways. Heres some pics and a rev to about 5k nothing special
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