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After i did my DOD install my valvetrain was noisy. At first i thought it was valvetrain geometry,kept scratching my head trying to figure out what i did wrong. So i reset my preloads and got it quieter but was still loud enough to hear in my garage with the doors closed.
Went to a thicker oil and that helped a little more but figured it was just a bandaid. Called up Lunati and talked to Tim several times and he sent me a new set to install and lo and behold problem fixed. Did exactly the same procedure as i did the first time.

In the end, he did not have to do what he did since they were just out of warranty since they sat on the shelf for a while, but only had about 45 minutes of runtime on them.

It's a good feeling to know that some companies still put their customer satisfaction first.:thumbsup:

Another thing.....

I can add Magnaflow exhaust to my parts sig...

I always thought my exaust sounded a little louder than most even when it was stock. Also for it's age, it looked like it was real good shape. Well yesterday while i was re hanging my exhaust, painted over in black i see the name Magnaflow......

Nice bonus.
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