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A few weeks ago I installed front CTS-V four pot Brembos, changed brake pads in rear, and added 20mm adapter all the way around to push the wheels out. Currently up front i get a loud clunk when applying brakes the first time in either direction. If going in a particular direction, I don't get the clunk after further brake application. If I stop, put the car in reverse, start moving and then hit the brakes, I get a clunk. If I continue in reverse, I won't hear the clunk again until the first brake application while going forward. I think the pads i have in the caliper are moving front to back resulting in the clunk. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, is there any remedy.

Out back, I get a loud clicking noise the increases with frequency after I changed the pads. I though it might be the pad clips but clearance looks fine back there. Any ideas of what that can be? I think I only hear that click on one side of the car.


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