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Hey guys I have a good deal of parts going in, in a couple weeks and I want to make sure I dont leave out anything on the tune as far as things that are great additions but are done upon request.
for example the upshift automatically on the manual mode for roll racing..

So is there anything I should ask for in addition to the normal performance dyno tune? my list is below:

Currently on the car:
- Vararam OTR intake with HSRK
- Solo catback exhaust with High flow cats

Parts I have that will need to be installed:
- Kooks (1 7/8) Long tube headers
- FAST 102 intake manifold
- Nick Williams 102 throttle body
- FAST 102 billet fuel rails

Parts needed from you:
- Cam (semi-aggressive yet daily drivable on stock stall converter) Ive been recommended the GT1-1
- Cam needed upgrades (Pushrods, springs etc)
- Balancer bolt
- SLP underdrive pulley
- timing chain

And then I need a Dyno tune.
Tuning for:
- 93 octane
- catless cel delete
- manual mode to upshift automatically (not downshift) for Roll racing (best performance)
- Best drivability in Drive (will sacrifice some perfomance for drivability)
- Sport mode will be used for the dragstrip so (absolute best performance without risk of damage)
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