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Long story short, I ended up deciding to swap in a LS3 vs fixing my L76. I found a cammed LS3 from a 2013' cammed 6sp Camaro.

Ended up using my oil pan and all the G8 front end accessory drives and water pump. Also installed the maximizer long tubes and x pipe to the stock mufflers.
Ended up taking a chance at the stock TC.

After the tune:

1) Engine runs strong. Power is there from idle but comes rushing in aro 3k and pulls till redline.
2) Sounds nice at idle. Not loud, but it get loud when you hit the gas. Lumpy idle.
3) Idle is set at 850 rpm. It does sorta pull on the TC. It's not too bad but probably needs a TC at some point.

Issue. At a stop in drive, I can hear sort of a metallic "ping" every once in while. Doesn't sound like knock but it's concerning. I think the timing skips a beat, catches and kicks up a bit. Then pulls on the TC a bit. Also on the freeway in 6th and 1,200 rpm or so, if I just ease on the gas, it will sort of hesitate for a few seconds before the rpm rises slightly and then it's fine. Like miss, miss, miss then fine. It's subtle but happens consistently

No check engine light. But above issues are sort of concerning. I will get with the tuner and discuss it but I was wondering if anyone here has seen this problem before. I was hoping if this can be resolved the idle and TC behavior could be smoothed out a bit.
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