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Hi All,
Last weekend I replaced the spark plugs in my g8 - after 165,000 miles I figured it was due. The next morning the P0008 code was set. I cleared it and it didn't come back until today, 5 days later, now it sets every time I start the car - If I clear it it doesn't come back until the car's off and restarted.

Since I was in there with the intake plenum off and all that I'm assuming (hoping) that I disturbed a wire or plug, although nothing is obvious from looking at it.

Can anyone provide a picture or diagram of where the wiring for Engine Position System Performance Bank 1 so I can trace it? I'm just assuming it's the two sensors on the front left of the engine, let me know if I'm clueless on that too.

Any other advice would be really appreciated - hoping to find the issue before I have to break down and do the timing chains.

Edit: I should mention, I also replaced the water neck at the same time that I did the spark plugs because the threads were messed up and I got sick of replacing coolant caps. The wiring for the front of the engine runs under that so that's another reason I suspect I screwed up the wiring...

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