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Can someone please help me fill this out? I know some but not all. Thanks guys Im looking for a decent gain without having to swap out all the engine components to make it work, but springs and things are ok please recommend the parts that need/should to be changed

Type of Camshaft Requested (choose one with x):
Hydraulic Roller[ ] Solid Roller[ ] VVT Cam [ ] VVT Cam with DOD [ ]
Custom EPS lobes [ ]
Comp Cams catalog lobes [ ]

Vehicle info:
Year/make/model: 2009.5 Pontiac G8 GXP
Weight With Driver: 4275
Intended use: Street/Track
Percentage of street driving: 80
Preferred shift rpm:
Desired red-line:
Idle/street manners: stealth[ ] light chop[X] hard lope[ ]
Must this vehicle pass emissions? Yes[X] No[ ]
Maximum desired lift with new camshaft (very important):

Reason for new camshaft?
Looking for a Good performance gain without becoming to aggressive for street use. Also please send me a list of what parts will need to be replaced in the engine with recommendations (springs etc)

Previous Camshaft: STOCK
Specs (duration, lift, LSA, advance):
Duration at .006”,.050”, .200” if known:

Engine Details: (specify stock if unmodified)
Type of Engine, Cubic Inches: 376
Bore and Stroke: 4.06 x 3.62
Static Compression:
Piston Type, dome or dish (specify +/- cc):
Piston deck height:
Pistons fly-cut with valve reliefs?[ ] CC amount:
Rod type, length:

Cylinder Head Details:
Manufacturer (specify casting number if factory or stock):
Ported or Stock: STOCK
Valve Sizes (I/E):
Are the intake valves lightweight hollow stem [ ] Titanium [ ]
Port Volumes (I/E):
Combustion Chamber Size cc (very important)
Amount of milling (very important):
Flow Figures (I/E):
Head gasket thickness (very important):

Valve spring type, brand: (specify stock if unmodified): STOCK
Valve Spring Pressures (seat/open):
Rocker arm brand (specify stock if unmodified):
Rocker Arm Ratio: (very important):
Pushrod length:

Induction Details:
Intake Manifold Type:
Stock or Ported: STOCK
Throttle Body or Carb Size:
Oversized injectors[ ] Size:
Fuel octane rating : 93

Exhaust Type:
Manifolds[ ] Shorty[ ] Mid-Length[ ] Long Tube[X]
Primary Size: 1 7/8
Collector Size: 3
Merge collector[ ] X-Pipe[ ]
Exhaust Diameter: 2.5
Catalytic converters: [none]
Type of Muffler: Solo shorty
Full Exhaust[X] Dumps[ ] Cutout[ ]

Transmission Details:
Type of transmission Manual[ ] Automatic[ ]
Type of Clutch:
Torque Converter Stall:
Transmission Gear Ratios (specify stock if unmodified): STOCK

Chassis Details:
Rear Gear Ratio:
Rear Tire Size:

Engine Management System:
Stock[ ] Stock with aftermarket tuning[ ]
Aftermarket BS3, FAST, etc (specify):
Mass air sensor[ ] Speed density[ ] Open loop[ ] Closed loop[ ]

Power Adder Type:
Nitrous/Turbo/Supercharger (specify): NONE
Nitrous Power Level:
Turbo AR:
Blower CFM:
Anticipated boost level:
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