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Check your spare tire PSI

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I was tinkering with stuff yesterday and remembered to go under the trunk and check the PSI on my space-saver tire and it was a 32.5 when it should be a 60 PSI. I filled it up to 61.5 and put it back in the trunk.

I have considered using a spare wheel I have and putting a tire on it and keeping it in the trunk but don't want that extra weight back there if I don't need it.
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great find. i agree on checking that. i have no spare wheel just tools in that area i should invest in one
Yes, an often overlooked maintenance item. Only takes a few min to check and fill up.
I keep a small air compressor in my trunk, good thing cause when I needed to use my spare, it was down to 20psi.
I need a spare. that poor excuse for a spare they stick in the GTs do more harm than good
My car didn't come with a spare. When I bought it had an air compressor and can of GM Fix-a-Flat. FYI, new from dealer in July 09.
Same here, just the pump and goo. I put a beat up VMR in there now with a 245/45/18 and the spare kit from pace.
first time i went to change my oil i went to get the jack from the back and check out the spare to find i had a compressor with fixaflat in it... i was like double you tee *****word
Only the V6 came with an actual spare tire. GT and GXP just got the Fix a flat/air compressor.
I bought a full size wheel and tire, and put it in place of the Foam and kit. Fits perfect. Even have room inside the wheel to store some things!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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