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Chev SS question for owners

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Because we have none in Canada I cant go look at , measure one.

The roof rail trim pieces ,

Does the SS have the 4 removeable plastic covers for a roof rack or are they smooth ?

Are the trim pieces the same length as the G8 ?

Where am I going with this ?

One of my cars the rails are a little faded.

If I was doing anything , I thought smooth trim would look so much nicer.

Thanks for any first hand knowledge.
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Its interesting and confusing when I looked at various GM parts sources. They show that the left and right roof rail trim pieces use the same P/N's for the G8's as well as the SS. The SS parts page showing those trim pieces, also show a P/N for the 4 snap in clips "but not" in the G8 parts page. They say those 4 snap in clips "will work" on the SS but "will not" work on the G8. That really doesn't make much sense to me.
Maybe you can chat with a good GM dealership about this situation and get a much more firmer answer from them
Passenger side roof rail >>> 92266373 Drivers side roof rail >>>> 92266372 Snap in clips >>>> 92207446. The pictures from the GM parts sources show the roof rails without any slots in them. But if they sell snap in clips for the rails, those strips "must" be slotted for the clips no mater what the pictures seem to show.

I now see the "GT Drew" solution, which kinda sounds a whole bunch easier and most likely cheaper.
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Vinyl wrap? Trim paint?
That is what ”Back to Black is for. View attachment 191100
Wow , so that stuff will make the 4 roof rack filler pieces dissappear ?
Amazing :oops::rolleyes:.

Gopherit , thanks , yes I now see VF's listing the cover caps too.

My goal was to not have the 4 filler pieces.
Not " how to refinish or cover the existing trim. I know how to paint and or lay vinyl thanks.
I am going to pose the question on just commodors , "were there any 4 door VE or VF's that did not have the provisions firthe racks "
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It appears there were NOT any direct fit rails without the cutouts for the roof racks
Recalled Chevrolet SS's with roof racks i.e. pre-cut holes and thought it was standard. Just checked and only see the roof panel joint finish molding in two part numbers. One for the left and one for the right.
I believe we use the same roof racks, as everything from the glass up is the same as the G8 (well, the shape, at least). Can't say the same about the covers for the mounting points though, I haven't gotten my SS side by side with a buddies G8 in a while.
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