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Hi Livernois,
I am in the process of trying to convince the wife to let me get a DOD Delete Kit together for the G8. Before I plunk down the funds to pick one up I just have a few questions.

I daily drive my car a good....~100 miles a day, mostly highway; so drivability is a concern and I'm just trying to decide on the cam I want to go with.

Ideally I want a good lopey cam that sounds nice, but also provides me with a car that's not going to shake and rumble at the stop lights where I feel like my car is coming apart. I've been in a cammed 70's Nova and it felt brutal. I don't plan on doing a TC just yet.

I was looking at the other cam options with the DOD delete kit and the Stage1 cam looks nice. Seeing some YouTube videos I like the sound from it, but just wanted to get some opinions.

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