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Consolidated M6 GXP mod thread

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Here is a list of links to threads of modifications that have been done to my M6 GXP over the years. Some have been done many times by others and others are a bit more rare for a US spec car and have generated a little interest.

I get many requests for information on the modifications that I have completed and this will give me one thread to direct people to for more info.

I started on the inside of the car adding things for my comfort and to make up for areas I thought were lacking in the car. I used write ups already here to complete them.


JHP GPS kit was the first thing in

Homelink in the visor..

Touchscreen added to radio face running Mimics for iOS on a dedicated ipod touch mounted in the glovebox

Added leather to the center armrest

adding the VE2 Aero underbody panels

Link to thoughts on stock suspension settings for autocross

In 2013-2014, I started to get serious (or insane) with increasing the performance

Install of Bilstein shocks,King HD springs and adjustable K-Mac strut bushings

Playing with BMR sway bars and ending with the Stock bar in front and the BMR bar in the rear on soft

Switching-up to 20 Brake pistons and fitting 18 x 9.5 ET40 wheels for racing

Using Kingsborne Sparkplug wires - good wire

Adding the Maggie 2300

New control arms and bushes all around K-mac front and BMR rear

Metal power steering reservoir

Picked up a GXP 3.27 diff and one of the Wavetrac LSDs for the rear end to help put the power down out of the turn

Installed a MGW shifter - new design, with the classic knob and a custom shift boot.

Installed the KaTech LS9R clutch I bought when they were new at the end of 2010 and have had it on the shelf until Nov 2014 waiting for the stock one to give up


New single piece DSS carbon fiber driveshaft installed, the original driveshaft was found to be quite sloppy. The slip joint splines were clunking quite loudly.


Quit racing this year, so stripped and polished my race rims for street use.


Installed the Kayhan V2 head unit
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You should consider adding the thread links to your garage, then it'll never get buried or require frequent bumping.
You are probably correct, but this works for me and I might have to look into the garage and all its features at some point. But for today this worked for me and the link in my sig should keep it available to interested parties without any need for bumps.
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