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Coming home from Memphis today when the GT went into limp mode. It happened after we hit a rough piece of road. It has happened before as well but only to me not my wife. It has never happened to her but only when I drive. After the experience today it leads me to believe there is a loose connection at one of the computers. I have to pull over and reset the computer in order to continue driving.
Is there a computer located near the drivers seat area?
I also noticed tonight when pulling the car into the garage a knocking from deep inside??? Yikes could this have damaged a rod or lifter?
Reaching out to see if anyone has experienced these conditions before or at least to see if there is a computer guru that knows what to look for.
The car only has 60000 on it so does the dealer cover any of this?
Thanks in advance to those who respond...

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If you reset a computer, how did you accomplish that ? Also which computer was it that you reset and what fault code was it reporting ? I'm beginning to think that whenever the big X is displayed, it is telling you that you currently have such a bad problem going on, that a GM service dept will be needed to solve the problem. Since most times that X is displayed, the car seems to be in the*limp home mode* or *reduced power mode*. But of course the dealer is *not always* required for the fix.
The best that I can read (an hopefully understand) is that limp home mode can kick in anytime the ECM detects something wrong with the crank position sensor signal, cam position sensor signal, and pretty much any problem that is detected *as wrong*, with the throttle body assy.
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