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Corsa catbacks in stock and on sale at juiced motorsports

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If you want a wicked muscle car rumble but plan on daily driving your G8 GT or GXP you are going to want an exhaust system that doesn't drone. Drone usually heard while driving at highway speeds is a major bummer to this G8 platform. Anyone that has installed cheaper exhaust can tell you first hand how bad it can be. Corsa is the answer. Designed specifically to sound amazing with zero drone using only the best quality 304 stainless steel right here in America. Order online from us and get the best prices everyday with free shipping. Or stop by the shop and we can install a set for you, give us a call for your appointment today.


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Corsa pricing is going up and they are forcing dealers to all maintain their map pricing. Get your Corsa before the increase hits
Will these exhaust tips ( states 4in. in discription) fit GT rear diffuser or only GXP rear diffuser?Thanks
The tips are actually quad 3" tips. They will fit the GT and GXP
You won't find a better sound
Corsa rocks just like our pricing
Great sound and zero drone
The best prices around. We can install them too
Everyone loves Corsa. Great prices at Juiced
Nothing sounds better on the G8
No drone and all rumble
If you love that G8 you'll get a Corsa
You'll love the rumble from start to full throttle
Nothing sounds better inside or out.
Drone free and one amazing rumble
1 - 20 of 22 Posts
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