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LSA supercharger has long been sold and this stuff is just collecting dust. All prices are OBO.

09-15 CTS-V Fuel Pump (19207949) - $300 + shipping SOLD
Used for around 1000 miles, wired according to Vaporworx instructions. One of the little tabs that holds the fuel level arm thing broke off (pictured in second photo), but still worked fine or you can swap yours from the G8 pump.

Vaporworx PressureWorx PWM 3bar Kit - $200 + shipping SOLD
Wired according to Vaporworx instructions. I am including the Vaporworx fuel line kit from Ace Performance. The fittings are kinda beat up from me trying to tighten them up, but they still work fine. The fuel line was a bit too long for me, so you might have to cut it to get it to fit better. Willing to cut a deal to sell the Vaporworx and CTS-V pump together.

LS3 Valley Cover (12599296) - $65 + shipping
Used for about 3 years. Comes with the little black hose to run it to the intake.

CTS-V Brake Booster Hose (176-1731) - Free
If you buy something, I'll let you have it, if you need it.

GT Diffuser - $50 + shipping
Scrape on the bottom, does not come with reflectors.

I'd like to get rid of all this stuff in the next couple of weeks since I'm moving, so I'm open to offers.


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