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CTS-V LSA SC Installed

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Hey Guys-

I've not posted much around here yet, but I thought I'd start sharing my progress on my supercharger install.

Its about 90% complete. Still have to install my wideband, tweak on the fuel lines, install intercooler hoses and pump and relocate my windshield washer bottle.

Purchased a used LSA set-up off of a cts-v and a few parts to make it fit (our accessories work minus the water pump and crank pulley).

Also installed an LS9 Cam and DoD delete while tearing into it.


No Promises this is a complete list, but it should be the vast majority. Thanks Roadie709 for your assistance.

19257754 Supercharger with bypass
12622236 ZL1 Supercharger lid / 12631035 CTSV Lid
12612467 Lid Gasket/Insulator
12605222 Fuel Rail
12598646 LSA Injectors x 8
12639188 EVAP solenoid
11588718 SC bolts x 10
12639443 ZL1 Engine Cover / ??????? CTS-V Cover
11589406 Engine Cover Studs x 4
12603916 Crank Pulley
11570046 Crank Pulley Bolt
19180610 LS3 water pump 09 up
12606501 idler bracket
12606031 idler pulley
12606032 idler pulley
12606500 S/C tensioner bracket
12622452 S/C tensioner
11588749 Tensioner Bracket Bolts (x2)
11588742 Tensioner Bracket Bolt
12592525 3 Bar Map Sensor
12614717 IAT Sensor
25884797/226697069 Intercooler Filler Neck (This is a intercooler loop filler neck off a cobalt, you could do a tank or whatever, I just used this because it was small and easy to mount. NOTE: post on a cobalt forum looking for one, they take them off when they upgrade, way cheaper that way)
22697069 Intercooler Filler neck Cap
0392022002 Bosch Intercooler pump (This is the bosch part number)
20945282 GM Intercooler Pump (If you don't want to get the above off ebay for half the price..lol)
11588718 Intake Bolts (if you don't get them with your sc, you need ten)

I installed an LS9 Cam Here are the Part #s for that
12638427 Cam
12586481 Cam Gear
12556127 Cam Gear Bolts (x3)

Edit 11/3/13 DCG8554 Compiled his own list

Thanks 383 for getting me started on this conversion. I have been gathering parts and wanted to share an updated parts list for everyone. Please feel free to add to it as needed. Thanks. Good luck:

LSA Conversion- PARTS LIST
Supercharger with bypass - 12622236 19257754
ZL1 Supercharger lid / CTSV ??? -ZL1 -12622236
intake manifold bolts (10) - 11588718 AC Delco 217-3350
EVAP solenoid - 12639188
Intake Manifold Gaskets - 19180613
3 Bar Map Sensor- 12592525
IAT extension harness
IAT Sensor- 12614717
cooler insulator - 12612467
Dayco Gold Poly Rib 5080650 8 Rib 65" Belt - 5080650
100 mm idler Pulley (Metro)
2.55 MM pulley (Metro)
Serpentine Belt main assembly
Supercharger Isolator Lingerfelter - L960130709
ZL1 Engine beauty cover - 12639443
Engine beauty cover studs (4) 12639443
ZL1 fuel pump ~$250 phastek.com
Fuel Rail - 12605222
LSA/LS9 Fuel Injectors 12598646 $396.16 new, - 280158187 (56lbs)
Supercharger intercooler radiator (Factory ZL1)- 22879421
***Silicon Intake.com liquid to air intercooler radiator-- wat001002
Intercooler Filler neck Cap - 25884797
25884797/226697069 Intercooler Filler Neck Off a Colbalt
*LSA Bosch CTSV intercooler pump - 20945282
***(Lingenfelter CTS-V Varimax Intercooler Pump Upgrade Kit 2009-13)***
*ZL1 Front Hose kit - 22962566 (NOT NEEDED FOR G8 INSTALL)
Crank Pulley (aka balancer) - 12603916
SLP Crank Pinning Kit - GM LSx Motors
Crank pulley bolt - 11570046
Water pump gasket - 12630223
Timing Cover Gasket - 12633904
Timing Chain GXP - 12633904
Crankshaft seal - 12585673
ZR1 Camshaft - 12638427
Camshaft sprocket 3 bolt - 12586481
3 camshaft sprocket bolts - 12556127
oil and filter
coolant dex cool x2
spark plugs Ac Delco ZR1 - 12371165
idler bracket- 12606501
idler pulley - 12606031
idler pulley - 12606032
S/C tensioner bracket - 12606500
S/C tensioner - 12622452
Tensioner Bracket Bolts (x2) - 11588749
Tensioner Bracket Bolt - 11588742
LS3 Water Pump GXP , Corvette, Camaro - 19180610
Edit 3/27/14 - A few more parts

LS3 water pump hose (upper): 92252958

(2) Idler pulley retaining bolts: 11518630
(1) Idler bracket bolt: 11900254
(1) Idler bracket bolt: 11588727
(1) Tensioner to bracket bolt: 11588752

Edit: 2/25/15 - glanzergtx's how to:
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Awesome! Wish I could find a "cheap" blower setup. So our accesories work besides the water pump and crank pulley? Did you use the V pump and damper? Post up a parts list if you don't mind.

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How did you have a lifter fail already? What lifters you use? Ls7 or ls9? That's too bad.

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Id say my guess would be 515 at the wheels. Just a guess. Probably gonna have perfect TQ and drivability.

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Nice! I was very close in my guess. Bet that's a blast to drive! Good luck with everything. I would love to have a blower someday.

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Oh no! Hope your alright. That is terrible. What happened? That is 100% totaled. You could always buy it back and part it out. I'll take first dibs in the blower setup... Glad your safe and not in the hospital.

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