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Info that maybe useful :)

The only data that is not the same as what you would see from a dyno read out or other data logger is the O2 sensor readings which are in Lambda. Lambda is used for narrow band O2 sensors that are stock on all vehicles manufactured in the states.

I have attached a table for reference.


The easiest way for you to determine that the specific cai tune is providing you with the most efficient tuning is by loging AFR through our DAQ software in the advanced setting under Fuel Trim Press listed as Sh fuel trim 1 and 2 and Ln fuel trim 1 and 2.

Short term fuel trim, and long term fuel trims while trying the different intake tunes. We request about 12.6~12.8 for afr and he wants his fuel trims as close to 0 as possible (anything under +5 and over -5 is usually considered good).

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